Friday, 13 April 2012

Musings from the Soap Lady

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. 

This has been the theme of my life and I hope to make this blog a little glimpse into my world.

I haven’t always been able to say it but I truly love my life.  I love that it’s pretty darn unique and not at all from a cookie cutter! 

My blogs won’t always be about me – I hope to entertain and inform combining all of my passions. I just thought I would start things out with a bit more about myself.
I have several passions in my life.

1. Love.

I was skeptical about the whole fairy tale called love even though I have been surrounded by great examples within my family and some friends. I had thought it’s just not something that happens for everyone.

I was married for a decade (ironically, a decade to the exact day). There were good and not so good moments - it was what it was. I can honestly say that I was a different person. I wore a happy mask at all times. I am not really sure who I was at some points over that time in my life but it did make me who I am today.

“Rinse” I found my strength to end my marriage. I did it for my children.  I realize that may be contradictory to some beliefs – really – divorcing FOR the children’s sakes – but as you weren’t in my marriage, you don’t know and never will. There are a few who knew what took place over the more than 10 years together and they think I should hate. I don’t. Maybe it’s my peacefulness that unnerves some people. I just don’t believe in holding on to a poison that festers. I hope my ex finds peace as I have.

“Repeat” The universe stepped in and I ran into an old friend from high school one day in a store. We exchanged messages for months and it hit me like that proverbial ton of bricks. Our first “date” consisted of a day spent together that merged into dinner and then the evening. It also had three of our five children present. I think it was a good two months before we spent any time without the children present. It was perfect for us. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Everything just fit. There wasn’t adapting. No one had to pretend to be someone they weren’t or wear a mask. Here we were in our late 30’s and things just fit. Finally.

They still just fit and my “Repeat”, my giving love another chance, rewarded me with the true understanding of the phrase “my other half”. I am thankful for that every day! Words can't serve justice to the peace and safety I feel.

2. Our Fabulous Five

We are the ultimate in blended families and proud of it! My fiancé has a teenage daughter whom we don’t get to see as often as we’d like due the geographic distance.  I have my teenage stepson from my marriage (the only boy in our brood of 5 kids). At home daily we have my teenage daughter who I adopted more than 5 years ago and Don’s youngest two girls who live with us fulltime. Mom/Stepmom of 5 and I have never given birth.

My tiger stripes (stretch marks) are not visible in the traditional sense but they are there. There is more to being a mom than giving birth. All of these kids are amazing people with incredible, individual personalities and I believe my life is better because of each of them. One of my favourite sayings has always been “You don’t have to grow them UNDER your heart to love them IN your heart.”

3. Cats

I am a biped slave to 3 fabulous felines… enough said…  I love dogs too but we have cats.

4. Brantford & Area Mompreneurs

My venture to assist small businesses of Brant and Norfolk counties.  I have met so many fabulous business owners in less than a year and I look forward to the many more to meet along this journey.  We have had meetings to be educated, and meetings to have fun. Many times my face hurts after from so much laughter and smiling! Stay tuned for a Mompreneur blog on that website with the new facelift the site has underwent.

5. Healthy Chocolate 

I am a convert to healthy chocolate... I love what it has done for my health! Just the ability to be on my feet all day without pain is phenomenal to me. The previous year with health issues, has been really hard on my feet and legs. Healthy chocolate has come to the rescue and I can't rave enough.


6. Soap

Wylde Rose Handmade Soaps & Candles has been my passion for almost 15 years. I’ve taken the time and watched this baby grow! I started slowly with just soap, then I added candles and other items to the product line. I have worked part-time, fulltime and I have also gone back to school for a second diploma but I always come back to what gets my “lather” up!  Handmade Soap.  Real soap, not the detergent bars one buys in the stores.

I love researching new ideas, new natural ingredients and creating my products.  I am proud of what I make. Fifteen years later and I still get excited every time I unmold a new batch of soap. 
I love being the soap lady! I love to inform people about this passion…

There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.  ~ Nelson Mandela

This blog is long overdue and I look forward to sharing so much more over the next installments, including how the Wylde Rose was inspired...

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.  Yep - the mantra of my life!

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