Thursday, 9 April 2015

Laundry: The Real Never Ending Story

I am cautious with what my family puts ONTO their bodies. We also try really hard to pay attention to what we put INTO our bodies. So that leaves what we wash our clothes in. We don’t live in a nudist resort and frankly that would just be a tad chilly in these Canadian winters. As such, we spend much of our time in our clothing and linens. I want to make sure we aren’t dosing ourselves with chemicals from that avenue too.

This has been a massive transition for me personally. I was totally the woman buying all the wonderful scented products that lined the shelves of the stores. I kind of have this addiction to wonderfully smelling things. Society loves it – so much so the industry has generally a full, if not at least half, an aisle in every grocery store devoted to laundry products; all with promises of leaving your clothes smelling robustly for weeks. I asked myself what makes it smell so strong after weeks. *Sigh* Chemicals, that’s what it is, chemicals.

Laundry cleaning products sold in stores (99.9%) are DETERGENTS.

We strive for something better. Our laundry soaps are natural and will leaves your clothes clean and not coated with toxic chemicals. I want to be confident that my child playing sports is not going to have chemicals leech onto their skin and into their body while perspiring. I want to be confident that the cloth I use to wipe their tear streaked faces with, or clean cuts with, is not exposed to a chemical cocktail when its supposed to be clean.

Reality is that detergents are far more inexpensive to make and can allow for a much higher profit margin than natural ingredients. Commercial laundry detergent that you purchase in Walmart or your grocery stores is still full of fillers whether its powder or liquid. And it’s still full of chemicals.

Those chemicals coat your clothes with an invisible layer to keep the smells strong and noticeable. If I pay attention to what I put on my body, and what I put into it, how can I ignore what is on my clothes and linens? When you sweat you are absorbing even more of those chemicals from your clothing.

Laundry products have changed a lot over the years but more and more people are going back to basics and finding the basics are best for them.  Wylde Rose is proud to offer multiple options for our customers. 

I started making the powdered laundry soap that I sell now about 4 years ago, fell in love and started selling it over two years ago now. I love it and so do customers!!  You can put it in the drum or the dispenser – every machine is different. With a HE machine – ONE TABLESPOON is all you need!

Laundry Butter
A few of our laundry butter samples for testing :)
With the amount of liquids on the market now, some folks are a tad bit nervous to try a powder so we have been testing a laundry butter we have been making for about a year now. We love it! Take ONE TABLESPOON and smear it on the inside of the drum, add clothes and wash as you normally would. The results are awesome!!!

I don’t find there to be a difference between the powder and the butter, so it’s essentially personal preference. We are still working out the details on sizing of jars that we will be offering.

While supplies last, we are handing out/sending a free sample of laundry butter with all purchases online, in-studio or at the Cambridge Farmer's Market. All we ask in return is that you take 2 minutes and fill out a survey (on paper or online) with your results. 

We are also super excited to be introducing stain sticks, re-usable dryer sheets and dryer balls.

Stain Sticks
These will be sold individually and are just like any other soap you would use for pre-treating stains. Wet the items and scrub on the stick. Work the fabric with your hands, or a nice soft nail brush can be helpful, depending on your fabric. Wash.
I have to say I impressed even myself with this gem! As an avid tea drinker I, of course, slopped tea down the front of a brand NEW white shirt… cotton… before I had a chance to even attempt to pre-treat it, the Mr. did a load of laundry and then proceeded to put that same white shirt thru the dryer. Lost cause? I thought so – after all the heat from the dryer would have set that stain in even worse. I figured all I was wasting was time but to my shock the stain came out. My white t-shirt is stained no more.

Dryer Sheets
Completely reusable! And chemical free!! Set includes 8 dryer sheets, fluid to keep you going for many months and will be scented with a variety of our awesome scents. No more chemicals! Refills will be available and we will even show you how to make your own liquid.

Dryer Balls
I do love using a clothesline, I really do, however it is not always possible in our household to hang clothes. Wool Dryer Balls are incredible! Dryer balls will be sold in sets of 3 and are made from 100% Canadian wool.  Wool dryer balls when placed inside your dryer will absorb some of the moisture in the clothes maintaining the humidity level in your dryer and keep the clothing and air flow circulating cutting your dryer time down by half. Wrinkles are also cut down drastically and the wool helps prevent static issues.  

We are working out a few details but we will also be offering Essential oils in small bottles so that you can make your own liquid for the reusable dryer sheets and you can also use these on the dryer balls. 

We get questions from folks - Here’s some answers:

Powder doesn’t all dissolve. Doesn’t matter what powder I use it never dissolves.
We wash in primarily cold water and the laundry soap was designed to dissolve fully in all water temps. If it’s not fully dissolving – you could be overloading your machine. I know I want my mountains of laundry gone as fast as possible too, however, too full won’t allow the water to distribute properly and allow the agitation to fully occur that is needed no matter what laundry soap you are using.

Are they safe for cloth diapers? (and woman cloth)
ABSOLUTELY! In fact cloth diapers prefer them as they don’t leave the film on the cloth. The film can build up over time and actually make things not so absorbent any more. Using soaps vs icky detergents is best for cloth. While our diapering days are over, those who use cloth diapers love our laundry soaps, as they will also mean no chemicals to wear out the fibres of your diapers.

Is this from one of those recipes you see online? Like Pinterest?
No my recipes are not from Pinterest. While they or something like them may be online somewhere as the web is vast, these are recipes I have spent time tweaking and getting the way I like it. And some of those recipes on online are really kind of scary. Remember anyone can add anything to the internet – it doesn’t make it true.

I don’t see bubbles – I should just add some more right?
No… You won’t see bubbles. Bubbles are caused from another nasty chemical because society is weaned on the belief that bubbles clean. They do not. And HE machines work best when not having to deal with bubbles anyway, so it’s a benefit all around!

  • All natural ingredients that actually CLEAN your clothes instead of disguising them with chemical odors or covering them with chemicals that are then worn on your body. Your clothing will be lightly scented (if at all) as we use high quality phthalate free fragrance and essential oils.
  • 1-2 tbsps is all you need!
  • 100% vegan
  • FREE of phosphates, EDTA, phthalates, parabens, SLS, SLES, nitrates, sulphites and chlorine, making it a safe choice for our environment, your home (septic safe) and your body.
Not only will Wylde Rose Laundry soap get your clothes clean, in an all-natural way, it will also not have a harmful, clogging, effect upon your washer!